SimActive Adds 3D Modeling to UAV Photogrammetry Solution

SimActive Inc., a Montreal, Quebec-based developer of photogrammetry software, has released version 8.0 of its Correlator3D solution.

The new version of the software allows users to generate 3D, textured meshes to create photorealistic models, which can be exported in standard formats, including OBJ files, the company explains.

“Adding a 3D modeling function addresses an increasing need in the industry and the natural progression of our software workflow,” says Louis Simard, chief technology officer of SimActive. “The module implements a new capability to bolster the same software at no additional cost for our users, ingrained with core SimActive principles: simple, fast and precise.”

Correlator3D is a patented, end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery, including from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It performs aerial triangulation and produces, for example, dense digital surface models, digital terrain models, point clouds and orthomosaics.

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