HQ Trivia now has an Apple TV app so you can play on the big screen

HQ Trivia exploded in popularity earlier this year, and now, you can finally play it on the TV.

Although millions of people have used the live game show, it’s clear that the mobile app, which was founded by the co-creators of Vine, had room to grow. Now, it’s getting an Apple TV app so that you can play with friends on the big-screen TV, which, honestly, make a tonne more sense, considering it’s a trivia app in the same vein as Jeopardy. It’s just a lot more fun to experience with others.

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If you didn’t know already, HQ Trivia let’s play for real money. Once the game starts, the host of that game, which frequently changes, will appear on your your screen and start talking. Usually, they will talk too much, then they’ll crack a few jokes, and they’ll explain the rules. When they actually start the game, they’ll ask you – and the hundreds of thousands of other people playing – some questions.

Download HQ Trivia on Android
Download HQ Trivia on iOS

By being on the TV, it should now be easier to play HQ Trivia with friends and family members, since you all won’t have to be huddled around a small mobile device. For more details about how the game works, see Pocket-lint’s guide here.

The HQ Trivia app is worldwide, though it is geared toward both US and UK audiences. The prize money is always in USD.

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