Frsky X-Lite: First look & What We Know So Far

Frsky have recently leaked some exciting news regarding a new transmitter due to be released.

Frsky posted a glimpse of the new X-Lite radio on their Instagram page with a full list of features. An expected release date will be announced this month (February) along with potential pricing.

This is great news for thumbers especially those pilots longing for a gamer style like the Xlite transmitter from Frsky.

So what do we know?

Gamer style design for thumbs
Internal built in ixjt
Open TX firmware
Supports external modules (which ones to be confirmed)
Compact design
Hall sensor similar to M7/M9 gimbals
Smart port for flashing
Internal and external antenna
Micro SD slot

It does not seem to have a neck strap attachment but due to its smaller compact design this would make sense as will be lighter also and fit easier in the hand.

The Frsky Xlite transmitter has a four way pad similar to an Xbox controller which may just be for menu control but perhaps more, There are 3 ports at the bottom which include Mini USB, headphone jack and SmartPort. It would have been nice to see the USB port towards the top for easier access to play sims/connect to the computer, but on paper this new transmitter from Frsky is ticking the right boxes.

Pricing has not yet been announced but we do know the Frsky X-Lite is already up on many fpv shops waiting for shipping, this transmitter may be available sooner than we might think. The ability to house external modules has been the number one question as from what we know from early images is where they will slot in.TBS confirmed on social media that it will not support the crossfire due its small design factor. We may also be looking at a possible prototype


Model Name: X-Lite
Digital high accuracy hall sensor gimbals
Open source operating system – OpenTX
Easy access battery
Ergonomic design
Internal and external antennas
Supports external modules
Mini USB-B port, Headset port and Micro SD card slot
Smart Port
128*64 outdoor readable LCD

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