Europe’s Largest Commercial UAV Event Set to Take Place in London this November: The Commercial UAV Show

An excellent way to increase your knowledge within the drone industry is to attend a trade show or conference. As the drone industry expands, conferences continue to become available in more locations across the world. One such event is The Commercial UAV Show set to take place in London, England, November 14-15, 2018.


The 2018 Commercial UAV Show

The Commercial UAV Show is Europe’s largest event for commercial UAV professionals, bringing together over 3,000 people to discuss industry developments, their challenges, and how to thrive in this dynamic industry. Celebrating its 5th year in 2018, The Commercial UAV Show is established as a world-class conference focused on the progression of the UAV industry; and a technology exhibition showcasing the latest hardware and software innovations from the mega tech companies to the latest start-ups.

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The European Drone Market

At UAV Coach, we often publish content specific to U.S. readers—since we are headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee—but we also strive to remain aware of what’s happening around the world. The European drone market has steadily grown over the past year, especially in commercial markets. According to a 2018 study by Drone Industry Insights, a Germany-based market research and analytics company, “all market players foresee significant market growth for commercial drone applications.” In the figure below, from the same study, drone manufacturers and users indicated optimistic views of market development in the next 12 months.

European drone market growth
Source: The European Drone Industry: Drone Industry Barometer 2018, Drone Industry Insights

In addition to keeping up with drone industry research, we’ve also reported on European drone companies, such as Delair — a French-owned company that has expanded their end-to-end drone services into international marketplaces, including America. We also should mention the useful resource we compiled on drone laws in Europe organized by country.

We’re proud to support The Commercial UAV Show as a media partner and feel this event will be a great opportunity for our sUAS folks in Europe.

The Commercial UAV Show London

Speaker Lineup for The Commercial UAV Show

Key speakers include executives and industry professionals from prestigious companies such as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, PrecisionHawk, Flyability, and many others. The speaker lineup includes:

Aircraft EngineersKarthik Balakrishnan, Project Executive – Altiscope, Airbus A^3Dragos Margineantu, AI Chief Technologist, Technical Fellow, Boeing Research & TechnologyNick Colosimo, Strategy & Planning Executive, Global Engineering Fellow, Principal Technologist (Disruptive Technologies), BAE Systems – AirHamed Khalkhali, Director of Engineering – Tactical UAS Business Unit, AeroVironment, Inc.Jonathan Brewster, Systems Engineer, Lockheed MartinStéphane Terrenoir, CTO, DelairMaj Andrew Huggins, Chief Air Engineer Miniature Unmanned Air Systems – 1 ISR Brigade, British ArmyAlly Ferguson, Director, Airspace Research, PrecisionHawkPatrick Thevoz, Co-Founder and CEO, FlyabilityOther IndustriesJan Georgopoulos, BIM & Digital Engineering Specialist: GIS & Survey, SkanskaKevin Cardona, Directeur de l’Innovation – Chief Innovation Officer, BNP Paribas Real EstateJoe Little, Technology Principal – Digital Innovation Organisation, BPGreg Agvent, Senior Director of National News Technology, CNNJacques van Tonder, Chief Advisor – Asset Management and Infrastructure, Rio TintoEric Murray, Principal Engineer, Vodafone

Download the agenda to see who else is speaking, and find out what they will be discussing.


During the exhibition, attendees will also have the opportunity to meet key suppliers. With over a hundred exhibitors they’ll get to see the latest innovations, live demos, and a variety of solutions including:

UAV manufacturersSensor/receptor/camera/battery manufacturersUTM, data and geospatial softwareService providersTrainingTest centersInsuranceConsultantsResellersReceive Conference Updates

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