• Don’t Fly Blind: The Business of Air Traffic Awareness for Drones

    UTM, air traffic awareness, remote ID and tracking, and collision avoidance are all hot topics in the drone industry.  As these frameworks and technologies develop, risks will decrease, regulations will ease, and the applications that commercial drones are regularly able to perform will expand dramatically. There is always, however, more than one way to skin […]

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  • How to enable Facebook Messenger's dark mode (no moon emoji required)

    How to enable Facebook Messenger's dark mode (no moon emoji required)

    Facebook Messenger’s secret dark mode is getting an official rollout, which means it’s not much of a secret anymore.

    The feature was previously hidden. Users had to send a crescent moon emoji in order to activate it. Now, however, they can enable the mode through a new switch in settings. Facebook said Messenger’s dark mode will “lower brightness while maintaining contrast and vibrancy”, and it’ll cut down “the glare from your phone for use in low light situations”. Anyway, here’s how to turn it on.

    How to use Facebook Messenger’s unsend feature to delete your sent messages

    What is a dark mode?

    People who use their phones or computers late at night or in the dark often suffer from eye strain. This is because many popular websites, apps, and even device UIs use light colour schemes. There’s been research to suggest that dark modes, which re-skin the look of a site, app, or UI so that they appear darker, are more beneficial to not only your health but also your device’s battery.

    As a result, the next version of Android is expected to come with a system-wide dark mode. Services like Twitter offer a dark mode you can enable. Even Apple allows users to adjust the blue light levels they seen on their devices. Now, Facebook is jumping on board and offering a dark mode. 

    How to enable Facebook Messenger’s dark mode

    When this dark mode feature first debuted earlier this year, it was an easter egg; you had to send a crescent moon emoji in a chat to a friend to enable it. But, on 15 April, Facebook announced dark mode would officially roll out for all users.

    So, here’s the new way to get it:

    Simply tap your profile photo in Messenger to access your settings.
    Toggle on dark mode to switch the chat theme from white to black.
    Who can try Facebook Messenger’s dark mode?

    Facebook Messenger’s dark mode is rolling out worldwide from mid-April.

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  • El ministro de Finanzas de Turquía se reúne con Kushner en la Casa Blanca

    El ministro de Finanzas de Turquía, Berat Albayrak, se ha reunido este lunes con Jared Kushner, el yerno y asesor del presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, en la Casa Blanca, según fuentes cercanas al asunto.

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