Best Marvel gifts for die-hard fans of the Avengers and MCU

If you’ve seen every Marvel movie and read every comic and know the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline like the back of your hand, then this round-up of the best Marvel-themed gift ideas is the ultimate eye candy for you.

From an $8,000 Infinity Gauntlet replica to inexpensive PopSockets with Avengers on them, we’ve hand-picked some of the best Marvel tech gadgets, toys, and apparel you can find online. Now is the perfect time to grab them, too, as Avengers: Endgame – the final installment in this decade-long saga – has finally premiered in cinemas, and retailers across the world are holding sales on their Marvel product inventory to celebrate.

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Best Marvel gifts for die-hard fans

Keep checking back, as we’ll regularly update worth any more goodies we find.

Infinity Gauntlet wireless iPhone charger

Sure, it comes with a hefty price tag, but this a life-sized Infinity Gauntlet that’s covered in gold and semi-precious gems. And while it might be great just to show off to guests, it has a dual purpose: An iPhone can be placed into the palm of the gauntlet and left to wirelessly charge.

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Avengers Hero Inventor kit

The Avengers Hero Kit from LittleBits lets kids build a gauntlet that resembles Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor. Once finished assembling, users can program the arm to make different Avengers noises, or they can record noises of their own.

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Hulkbuster Lego Set

The Hulkbuster is fan-favourite version of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor. And now, thanks to an official Lego-Marvel collaboration, you can make your own Hulkbuster – using this amazing 1,363-piece Lego set. The final build stands 9 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

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Captain America’s Shield

Captain America’s shield is one of the most iconic weapons in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you want your own, get this this 2ft-wide replica of Cap’s shield. We just don’t recommend throwing it around. It’s big, heavy, and will most definitely break something.

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Avengers PopSockets

PopSockets is now offering a selection of 19 Avengers-themed device grips (they go on the back of your phone to help you securely hold it). We especially like this one, and the one for Nick Fury’s cat, Goose.

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Iron Man Mk50 robot

The Iron Man Mk 50 Robot from UBTECH gives you control over your very own Iron Man droid. You can control its movements through your phone, and even creat unique voice controls. There’s also augmented reality missions for you to complete that will unlock new weapons for the Mk50.

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Dancing Groot Chia Pet

Finally, you can grow your own baby Groot. There’s never been a more appropriate Chia pet.

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Star-Lord’s cassette player

We all know Peter Quill can get a little touchy about letting others use his Walkman, but now you can have one of your own cassette player replica. While you might think it’s totally useless today, this model can connect to your phone to play music and record up to three minutes of audio.

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Thor tool set

This tool set is shaped after Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. When closed, it is an awesome-looking way to transport everyday tools. When you’re finally ready to get to work and do DIY, it folds out to show a set of 44 tools, including measuring tape, a level, and, of course, a hammer.

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Loki slippers

If you’re one of those people that can’t help but love Loki, then these are the slippers for you. Inspired by the oversized horns the Avenger’s villain sometimes wears, these slippers will pay homage to the original trickster, until your dog gets ahold of them that is.

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Children’s outfits

Whether your children love the Avengers or you do, why not dress them up as your favourite Marvel character? There are several cosplay outfits, including ones for The Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Spiderman, and Black Panther.

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Captain America waffle maker

If you adore Captain America and breakfast foods too, then, boy, do we have the perfect gift idea for you: A Cap waffle maker.

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Spiderman drone

This spider-shaped drone comes with front and rear LED lights for night flying and a voice assistance with lines from Spiderman: Homecoming.

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Infinity Gauntlet coffee mug

The closest most of us ever get to feeling like we have any control over the universe is after our first cup of coffee in the morning, amirite? This will Infinity Gauntlet-styled mug should make that feeling last a few seconds longer.

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Adult-sized Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to turn half of life into dust, and now, you can use it to threaten your roommates when they touch your food.

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Thor’s hammer

Yes, Thor’s hammer was destroyed by his evil sister, Helga, but that doesn’t make Mjolnir any less cool. This 1:1 replica of the powerful thunder hammer features a realistic pommel and has LED lights that will catch everyone’s eyes.

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Iron Man’s helmet

This version of Iron Man’s signature helmet features a detachable magnetic face plate and has eyes that light up with LEDs.

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