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  • ¿Qué diferencias hay entre un cuadricóptero y un dron de ala fija?

    ¿Qué diferencias hay entre un cuadricóptero y un dron de ala fija?

    Existen drones de diferentes tipos y cada uno tiene unas cualidades que les hacen más aptos para un tipo de trabajo u otro. Si comparamos los drones de ala fija y los multirrotor, como los cuadricópteros, se parte de una diferencia básica, su…

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  • Facebook is bringing back MTV’s The Real World

    Facebook is bringing back MTV’s The Real World

    Facebook’s latest expansion into original video is a throwback to the heyday of reality television. The social network is partnering with MTV Studios to launch a “reimagined” version of The Real World on its video-centric Watch tab.

    The show will span continents, with three location-specific seasons centered on casts in the US, Mexico, and Thailand. It’s set to be co-produced by by MTV Studios and Bunim/Murray Productions, the latter of which is considered a pioneer of reality TV and helped create The Real World, Road Rules, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The premiere date is sometime in spring 2019.

    The news, announced onstage at the trade show MIPCOM in Cannes, France, marks one of the first original Facebook shows — outside…

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  • Best Apple Watch accessories: Protect and personalise your watch

    Best Apple Watch accessories: Protect and personalise your watch

    So, you want to accessorise your Apple Watch, right?

    Apple Watch Series 4 launched – the fourth generation of Apple Watch – in September. That means app and accessory makers have had ample time to scratch their heads and dream up something disruptive that’ll add value to Apple’s smartwatch. There are plenty of Apple Watch charging docks, stands, protective cases, and more, for instance. And we’ve rounded up several of the ones available right now or coming soon.

    We’ve also found ones for older Apple Watch models. Check out our gallery below. Also, check out: The first third-party apps for Apple Watch

    Best Apple Watch accessories

    Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

    Apple’s own Apple Watch charger is a $80 dock that magnetically snaps to the back of your Watch and charges it up. If you place your Apple Watch Watch sideways, it can double as a bedside clock. It is only available in white.

    Buy now from Apple

    Apple AirPower

    Apple’s AirPower is a wireless charging mat that pluggs into the wall but transfers electrical charge into compatible devices through contact alone. You just place your devices on it and they will charge the batteries without any more fuss. The benefit of the AirPower mat is that it is big enough for you to charge three Apple devices at the same time; your iPhone, Watch and AirPods.

    Note: AirPower is not yet available to buy.

    Find out everything you need to know about Apple AirPower

    Apple’s own Watch bands

    There’s a new Apple Watch that comes with new, fresh watch bands made by Apple. The latest styles are fully backwards compatible and include a new, flexible Sport Loop band. They start at $49.

    Buy now from Apple

    Elago W3 Stand

    If you’re going to buy a stand for your Apple Watch, why not make it a retro one? The $10 W3 looks like Apple’s classic computer, and supports watchOS’s nightstand mode. Just clip your charging cable inside, and your Apple Watch’s screen will become Mac’s display.

    Buy now from Amazon

    Proper Apple Watch Dock

    The $70 Proper Apple Watch Dock lets you charge at your bedside or dock at your desk. Just take the charging cable that came with your Apple Watch and feed it through the Watch Dock. Once the charging cable is in place, plug it in, and you’re ready to charge

    Buy now from Proper

    Bucardo Pocket Watch

    Want a classic pocket watch? Now you turn your Apple Watch into one. Just slide off your watch’s straps and place your Apple Watch inside one of these pocket watch-style cases, which start at $199 and come in a variety of colours and finishes.

    Buy now from Bucardo

    Kehangda 3-in-1 Charging Dock

    This $17 dock lets you charge up your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone and AirPod earphones all at once. It offers cable management, where the wires are neatly put into the back of the stand. Meanwhile, there is a place for your iPhone, AirPods case, and Watch’s wireless charging pad.

    Buy now from Amazon

    SENA Leather Case

    This $80 leather case from SENA can sit and charge on your bedside as a dock, or it can packed away. But it does use your charger.

    Buy now from Amazon

    NOMAN Pod

    This has a built-in charger but also serves as a compact solution, so it’s handy if you’re going away like on a camping trip. The battery is in the center of the device, so you open it up, wrap your existing Apple Watch charging cable around the battery, put the wireless pad in place, close it up, and that’s it. Just set your Apple Watch on the $25 charger to refill the battery. It’s available in grey or silver.

    Buy now from Amazon

    Native Union Marble Block Dock

    This is made from white marble, though there is a regular version in midnight blue for $50. The $200 white marble is definitely the nicer option, as the weighted charging stand looks particularly fancy when paired with a gold aluminium Apple Watch.

    Buy now from Native Union

    Griffin Travel Power Bank

    You can attach the $60 Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery to your keys or bag so you’ll never run out of battery on your Apple Watch.

    Buy now from Best Buy

    TwelveSouth TimePorter

    This leather TimePorter costs $50 and holds your cables, spare straps, and the Apple Watch. The case also converts into a charging stand.

    Buy now from TwelveSouth

    Belkin Powerhouse

    Belkin has a $90 two-in-one charger that’s very minimal. The cables are completely hidden inside, so there’s just one to be plugged into the mains.

    Buy now from Amazon

    Corki Apple Watch Case

    Corki’s $8 case is one of the slimmest you can buy. It’s available in two sizes and five different colours, so it can best match your watch.

    Buy now from Amazon


    This is a personalisation acessory for your Apple Watch. Casetify, the company that lets you deck out iPhone cases in your own personal Instagram and Facebook photos, offers the very same service for Apple Watch bands in both 38mm and 42mm sizes. It starts at $52.

    Buy now from Casetify

    Composure Dock

    Composure transforms your MagSafe charger cable into a full charging dock. It holds the Apple Watch MagSafe charger in place and features a walnut top and a heavy steel bottom. Every piece is also CNC machined for a flawless finish. It starts at $39.

    Buy now from Composure Dock

    Composure Collection

    This is a three-piece setup made of walnut and soft cork. It also features an integrated magnetic system, making it an ideal bed for the Apple Watch. It even has a spot to stick the magnetic charging cable. You can order them now, $39 each, and get free shipping in the US.

    Buy now from Composure Dock


    HeDock is a $15 upright smartwatch stand for your Apple Watch. It’s made from brushed aluminium with an urethane coating for scratch-protection and can charge your watch on your desk or by your bedside.

    Buy now from HEDock

    SF Bags Time Travel Case

    If you want to keep your Apple Watch accessories safely stored in plush pockets, consider the new Time Travel case. It features two smaller pockets that cradle your charger and another small accessory, while one long pocket fits extra watch bands (or the Apple Watch). There’s even a main compartment for a smartphone. The $59 case is made of naturally deer-tanned, cowhide leather, or black ballistic nylon.

    Buy now from SF Bags

    X-Doria Defense Edge

    The $29.99 Defense Edge combines a machined-aluminium exterior and a soft rubber lining in order to add an extra layer of protection to the edges of your Apple Watch, keeping it safe from scratches and impacts. It has an easy snap-on design and is compatible with all 38 mm Apple Watch collections and wristbands.

    Buy now from X-Doria
    Griffin WatchStand

    Griffin said its $29.99 watch stand has an angled cradle, and all you need to do is lay your Apple Watch against it, as the watch’s cable connector will gently snap itself onto the back of your Apple Watch and begin charging. It accommodates both semi-flexible and fully flexible bands and charges your Apple Watch vertically or horizontally.

    Buy now from Amazon
    Pad & Quill

    Pad & Quill says its $129 Lowry Leather Cuff is made from American full-grain, vegetable tanned with a raw edge. But be sure to browse the company’s full Apple Watch accessory collection for more goodies, including bands and a stand.

    Buy now from Pad & Quill

    TwelveSouth HiRise Apple Watch

    The $39.99 HiRise for Apple Watch is a stand that showcases your timepiece while it’s charging. It holds any size Apple Watch at an elevated height and angle that lets you interact with the watch. It charges using your own Magnetic charging cable and features silicone accents and a leather landing pad to protect your watch. HiRise for Apple Watch is available in silver or black.

    Buy now from TwelveSouth

    This is a $39 all-in-one travel charger for the Apple Watch. It’s a wireless charger stand with an internal battery that lasts three watch charge cycles. It works with the Apple Watch & Apple Watch 2.

    Buy now from Wipower
    Bloc Power Bank

    This is another external battery. The $79.95 Bloc Power Bank is a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery made by Boostcase. The cord-free charger can boost your watch’s battery in full up to five times. It comes in stainless steel, aluminium, wood, marble, and gold finish options.

    Buy now from Bloc
    Armorsuit screen protector

    Armorsuit has faux carbon fiber skins for the Apple Watch’s case as well as $8 screen protectors. You can get the screen protector by itself or with the carbon fiber skin. There’s even a transparent body skin. You can find a variety of colour and size options through Amazon.

    Buy now from Amazon
    Spigen cases

    Spigen cases start at $15. The hard case for Apple Watch is made from polycarbonate and available in silver, matte black, and white finishes for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models. They’re available to order now. The company also makes The Slim Armor for $17.99, which guards the face of your watch and can add some plastic gold to the overall look.

    Buy now from Spigen
    Hyperlink Stainless Steel bracelet

    Apple many different bands for the Watch, but they’re all expensive. Especially the steel models. Hyper, however, sells a stainless steel band for less than $50. It’s made of the same material as the Apple’s own version too. Pre-orders are now open.

    Buy now from Hyperlink

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