Apple's 6.1-inch LCD iPhone XC leaks out in red, white, and blue

Apple’s “Gather Round” event is this week, and from what we can tell, there will be three iPhone models announced, including an iPhone XC.

This 6.1-inch LCD model is also thought to be called iPhone XR. Either way, it’s the only one of the three upcoming 2018 models to feature an LCD display. The other OLED phones will be an updated version of the iPhone X and a larger version of the iPhone X. The iPhone XC (or XR) is also thought to be the cheapest of them all, and new leaked photos of the device seem to back that up.

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SlashLeaks posted pictures of prototype iPhone XC units in red, white, and blue colours. These images follow another iPhone XC leak from this morning that focused on a leaked slide from a Chinese carrier’s marketing presentation. It suggested that the new iPhone lineup will include the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Plus, and the iPhone XC, the latter of which should start around $699 (£535).

#Apple#iPhoneXS – 6.1-inch iPhone (2018) leaks out in new red and blue color options

— /LEAKS (@Slashleaks) September 6, 2018

To be clear, it’s possible that these latest photos have been manipulated, but they do seem to line up with credible existing rumours, many of which you can read about in Pocket-lint’s 2018 iPhone rumour round-up. Stay tuned to Pocket-lint’s Apple hub for the latest, too. We plan to attend the Gather Round event on 12 September in Cupertino and will bring you the latest as it happens.

What else will Apple unveil?

According to rumours, leaks, and reports from the past few months, there is a high probability Apple will also announce the following:

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