The world’s first surf rescue – drone saves 2 struggling teenage swimmers

The world’s first surf rescue

Australian life guards along the coast of Byron Bay drone rescued two male teens, (15 and 17yrs), who got into difficulties . On receiving reports that two young men had been caught in a swell the Lennox Head Rescue drone was launched. The remarkable rescue is the first of its kind world wide, and shows in action the Lennox nifty ability to save lives.

Jai Sheridan, a life guard supervisor who won the title, ‘lifeguard of the year’ in 2017 is also the hero of this unique first. A quick decisional response to a 11.30 am alarm had him launch, and pilot a drone used only for training purposes. On receiving that call to rescue he, and other life guards were actually in the process of learning how to competently control the device. The high tech drone funded by tax payers of North South Wales was a new initiative not yet used in real rescues.

The quick authority of Jai Sheridan shows our partnership with technology is a major leap forward in keeping swimmers safe. On launch of the device Niall Blair, (Primary Industries Minister), stated, ‘Using the drone, the lifeguard was able to spot the swimmers, and then drop the Rescue Pod into the water.’ The recuse Pod is attached to the device, and only released when the pilot, (lifeguard), makes the critical decision that the proximity will successfully deliver lifesaving equipment to a distraught swimmer.

The captured footage of the breathtaking rescue shows the pod expanding sufficiently for both swimmers to remain afloat. The on land Lifeguards who were waiting to attend to the youngsters reported exhaustion, but no injuries obtained. A very successful outcome that could of easily turned tragic if rescue was delayed. Without question the $430, 000 invested into these drones last month, (Dec 17) by the government was worth every dollar. John Barilaro, in response to the successful rescue said, ‘This is a world first rescue. Never before has a drone fitted with a floatation device been used to rescue swimmers like this’ A government clearly proud of that decision to invest money for drone tech to be use along the South Wales Coast. The original allocated funds were to pay the cost for implementing, and evaluating the devices effectiveness. The remarkable results of the Lennox first launch, and its successful rescue is video captured by the device itself. An integral part of its technology that allows us to see it in action.

A remarkable day that really dose show the human benefit of using the latest drone technology in our everyday life.

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