Ikea might launch smart blinds soon, FCC filing reveals

Ikea fans will be happy to know the Swedish retailer might soon add a new product to its smart home portfolio: smart blinds.

Ikea appears to be getting ready to update its Tradfri line of smart home products with new smart blinds, based on an FCC filing spotted by Dave Zatz. The filing is actually for an open/close remote device that can be used to control the smart blinds. Although these type of window shades are often expensive, around $300 to $400, we suspect Ikea’s smart blinds will be much more wallet-friendly.

Awesome! Ikea’s going to release smart blinds. We definitely need downward pricing pressure in this category. pic.twitter.com/Mx010A569J

— Dave Zatz (@davezatz) September 6, 2018

Keep in mind Ikea is also developing inexpensive smart plugs. These devices, which recently leaked out, will cost about $10 each and essentially turn dumb products smart. Or, rather, they’ll allow you to control an offline product through a mobile app or a remote control. Like other Tradfri products, the new smart plug is expected to support Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

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There’s no word yet when the smart plug or smart blinds will be released. But all signs point to soon – and it’s exciting. Currently, automation products aren’t cheap, but with Ikea entering the space with roducts at entry-level prices, we’re hoping the market will be pushed into lowering prices. If not, then at least we have affordable Ikea options.

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