Feds Green-Light Echodyne’s Detect-and-Avoid Radar for UAS

Echodyne has received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification for its EchoFlight, a detect-and-avoid radar for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Previously available only for experimental purposes, the airborne radar is designed for integration into a wide variety of UAS platforms. For those seeking authorization to operate drones beyond the visual line of sight, for example, the EchoFlight radar can increase mission safety, the company says.

“Echodyne is excited to receive authorization from the FCC and to make EchoFlight available to the many interested UAS partners in the U.S.,” comments Eben Frankenberg, CEO of Echodyne. “Our compact, solid-state, lightweight yet powerful radar offers the ability to scan large volumes of airspace and track other aircraft with sufficient range to maintain safety.”

According to the company, features of EchoFlight’s radar include as follows:

Precision beam-steering radar that minimizes collision risk by tracking aircraft locations at all times across a broad field of view, even in dense airspace or over cluttered environments;
Search-while-track radar that scans just like a phased array but at commercial pricing;
Compact design with low weight and power; and
Long-range, all-weather detection and tracking.

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