Adobe is bringing full Photoshop to the iPad and it's about time

You’ll soon get to use full Photoshop while on the go.

Apple has been pitching iOS 11 and the iPad as a PC-like experience, meaning you could do all your work on the iPad and get by fine without an actual computer. But, without core desktop apps, such as Photoshop, which many professionals and students use, it’s still not practical to use the iPad as a daily driver. That just changed, however. Bloomberg said Adobe is bringing full Photoshop to the iPad.

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The company is planning to announce the release of the full version of Photoshop for the iPad in October of this year, and then it will release the iOS app in 2019. Adobe confirmed but has not given an exact release date.

Keep in mind Adobe already offers several photo manipulation apps for iOS devices, including a simplified version of Photoshop called Photoshop Express. But these mobile editions do not compare to the company’s legacy PC and Mac apps, which are loaded with precise editing features and tools. This has allowed competitors like Affinity Photo, which focuses on mobile, to explode in the market.

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This is a clear change of strategy for Adobe. One that excites us.

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